Indian engineer at a steel mill factory planning the use of a piece of a metal pipe.

Towards sustainable manufacturing in India

A major effort to develop and deploy clean energy technologies worldwide is urgently needed to meet international energy and climate goals. The IEA’s Energy Technology Perspectives 2020  examines how to address the challenge of transitioning to a net-zero emissions world. Completing the journey will require devoting far more attention to heavy industries and long-distance transport.  

But deep CO2 emissions reductions in heavy industries – in particular the chemicals, steel and cement sectors – is far from straightforward, with many of the technologies that we are likely to rely upon for decoupling emissions from bulk material production in the future still at early phases of development. 

This session will delve into how these technology opportunities, in conjunction with demand-side mitigation strategies, can be exploited in India – a country that is projected to be home of the largest demand growth for steel and cement worldwide over the next decades. In particular, the iron and steel sector will be taken as an illustrative case to focus the discussion on the specific innovation needs and policy strategies that can boost the clean transition in that sector with a view to the findings of the IEA’s Global Technology Roadmap for the Iron and Sector that includes a special focus on India. 

Session 1

Welcome address, IEA Director of Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks, Ms. Mechthild Wörsdörfer

Welcome address, Mr. Klas Molin, Ambassador of Sweden to India, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal & Sri Lanka

Special address, Mr. Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI

Keynote address, Ms. Rasika Chaube, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Steel, Government of India

Session 2

Presentation on IEA’s to Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 and Iron and Steel Technology Roadmap, IEA Senior Energy Technology Analyst, Ms. Araceli Fernández 

Challenges and opportunities for a transition towards sustainable manufacturing in India – Roundtable chaired by Ms. Gökçe Mete, LeadIT Secretariat 


  • Kamal Nanavaty, President, Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturers Association (CPMA)
  • Mukesh Kumar, Director, Steel Research & Technology Mission of India (SRTMI)
  • Shalini Sharma, Head of Communications, Atlas Copco
  • Santosh Mundhada, Executive Director (Operations), ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India
  • Rana Pujari, Program Officer, on behalf of Ms. Divya Sharma, Executive Director (India), The Climate Group

Practical information


22 January 2021

- 22 January 2021


10:00 AM

- 12:00 PM




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