Net-zero carbon emissions from industry by 2050

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for net-zero.

Industry accounts for roughly 30 percent of global CO2 emissions. Industrial actors will have to reduce emissions sharply in order for the world to reach the target of the Paris agreement – to limit global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.


The Leadership Group for Industry Transition is grounded in the conviction that partnership between the public and private sectors is key to achieving the industrial transition and reach net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century.

Provide policy support.

Spur public-private collaboration.

Share know-how.

Carry out analysis.


This interactive database gathers 30 industry transition roadmaps that have been developed by the thirteen countries that are LeadIT members.


The Transition Tracker allows exploring these roadmaps in an engaging and interactive manner, and analyzing their content across different sectors and different countries. It enables users to pull out key trends, as well as similarities and differences across countries or sectors.

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News and analysis that explore industry developments, dive deeper into industry transition roadmaps, or look at challenges to achieving the transition.

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20 Nov 2020

Presenting the Transition Tracker to explore roadmaps for industry transition

Written by Andrea Lindblom

The Transition Tracker allows users to explore these roadmaps in an engaging and interactive manner, and to analyse the content of these different roadmaps across different sectors and different countries.

Roadmaps for Industry Transition

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29 Aug 2020

A breakdown in globalization or a world committed to sustainability? Five scenarios for exploring the post-COVID-19 world

Written by Eric Kemp-Benedict, Sara Talebian

Uncertainties around the duration and long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remain extremely high. This brief presents five post-pandemic scenarios that look as far ahead as 2050...

COVID recovery

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6 Dec 2019

Industry transitions:
a critical gap in national climate commitments

Written by Oliver Johnson, Zoha Shawoo

An SEI analysis reveals a lack of detail about how countries plan to cut emissions from industry in the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) they have submitted under the Paris Agreement.

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)


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1 Sep 2020

New commitment by concrete sector increases industry-led ambition

Written by Zoha Shawoo

Roadmaps for industry transition related to the construction industry and cement and concrete sectors have so far been led by government bodies or think tanks. Now, the Global Cement and Concrete Association has taken a first step towards an industry-led roadmap to achieve climate neutral cement by 2050.

Building materials


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Our events bring together key players in the field of industry transition to produce insights into what different actors see as key challenges to the transition, and ideas about how to overcome them.

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