20 November 2020

Presenting the Transition Tracker to explore roadmaps for industry transition

Written by Andrea Lindblom

The Transition Tracker allows users to explore these roadmaps in an engaging and interactive manner, and to analyse the content of these different roadmaps across different sectors and different countries.

Roadmaps for Industry Transition
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Presenting the Transition Tracker to explore roadmaps for industry transition

1 September 2020

New commitment by concrete sector increases industry-led ambition

Written by Zoha Shawoo

Roadmaps for industry transition related to the construction industry and cement and concrete sectors have so far been led by government bodies or think tanks. Now, the Global Cement and Concrete Association has taken a first step towards an industry-led roadmap to achieve climate neutral cement by 2050.

Building materials Cement
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29 August 2020

A breakdown in globalization or a world committed to sustainability? Five scenarios for exploring the post-COVID-19 world

Written by Eric Kemp-Benedict, Sara Talebian

Uncertainties around the duration and long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remain extremely high. This brief presents five post-pandemic scenarios that look as far ahead as 2050...

COVID recovery
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6 July 2020

Ministers from 9 countries call for ambitious action to accelerate the low-carbon transition of industry

Written by Robert Watt

In a joint ministerial statement released on 7 July, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom call for continued momentum and ambitious action to ensure an industry transition that tackles the climate crisis, creates decent jobs and delivers prosperity for all.

COVID recovery Policy
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5 July 2020

Five ways to finance the industry transition

Written by Zoha Shawoo

Analysis of 30 industry transition roadmaps in 10 countries, carried out by LeadIT secretariat, reveals five common finance needs to deliver the transition.

Cement Finance Steel
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30 June 2020

What are industry transition roadmaps?

Written by Oliver Johnson, Sara Talebian

This LeadIT brief defines industry transition roadmaps as long-range strategic plans to reach decarbonization targets that enable action by setting forth measures or innovation, policy, public-private partnerships and finance.

Roadmaps for Industry Transition
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