14 December 2020

Video: The Industry’s Quest for Net-Zero by 2050

Watch the video LeadIT produced for the Climate Ambition Summit held virtually on 12 December, 2020, the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Agreement.

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steel production

2 December 2020

Countries and companies commit to urgent action to transform heavy industry

Written by Andrea Lindblom, Annika Flensburg

At the first Leadership Summit for Industry Transition, governments and CEOs of major international companies committed to making the business case for industry transition, and implement mechanisms to rapidly diffuse climate technologies and know-how.

Cement COVID recovery Finance Policy Youth
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Screenshot taken at Leadership Summit

2 December 2020

Creating lead markets for green industrial products

Written by Gökce Mete, Oliver Johnson

This brief takes a closer look at three policy measures at the disposal of governments to support the creation of markets for green industrial products.

Cement Policy Steel
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Construction Worker Pouring A Wet Concrete At Road Construction Site

2 December 2020

Youth perspectives on industry transition

Written by Abdullah Khair, Connor Thompson, Felipe Sanchez, Gökce Mete, Helen Watts, Jackie Bastianon, Linette Knudsen, Nabila Putri Salsabila, Oliver Johnson, Paola Flores Carvajal, Shakti Ramkumar, Tianna Phillipot, Zoha Shawoo

Building pathways for young people to engage on heavy industry transition challenges is essential for net zero ambitions and a critical part of our global decarbonization roadmap towards 2050.

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protesters at a Fridays for Future protest

1 December 2020

Accelerating industry transition in developing countries: a comparative analysis

Written by Felipe Sanchez, Jaee Nikam, Zoha Shawoo

This brief identifies five main barriers to industry transition in three major developing countries: Indonesia, Mexico, and South Africa.

Developing Countries
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People working on pipe and seal ring distribution warehouse in Mexico

20 November 2020

Presenting the Transition Tracker to explore roadmaps for industry transition

Written by Andrea Lindblom

The Transition Tracker allows users to explore these roadmaps in an engaging and interactive manner, and to analyse the content of these different roadmaps across different sectors and different countries.

Roadmaps for Industry Transition
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