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LeadIT Summit COP28

The annual LeadIT Summit at COP28 will serve as an occasion to reflect on the milestones achieved since the inception of LeadIT in 2019 and set the direction for the next three years. The Summit this year holds special significance as LeadIT members will be adopting a Mission Statement for an upcoming phase of the initiative.

The Summit will also provide an opportunity for government and industry leaders to present concrete actions aimed at accelerating the LeadIT 2.0 Mission, with a particular focus on co-development of industry technologies of the future.

A public COP28 side event to present the objectives of LeadIT 2.0 will take place at the Swedish Pavilion on 10th December 10:55-11:45.COP28 Side Event – Partnerships for a Just and Equitable Industry Transition

Invite-only event

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09 December 2023

- 09 December 2023


10:40 AM

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COP28 (Invite-only event)