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24 May 2023

Unlocking the G20’s Green Public Procurement Potential

India, one of LeadIT’s founding Members, is hosting the G20 this year and is preparing a series of recommendations – T20 reports – that will be presented to G20 working groups, ministerial meetings, and the summit itself. LeadIT has authored one of the T20 reports on green public procurement, together with colleagues from UNIDO’s IDDI and SEI.

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24 March 2023

March TEC meeting on decarbonization standards

The LeadIT Technical Expert Committee (TEC) meeting on 22 March invited representatives from the WTO, UNIDO's Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative, and Scania to speak about standards for the cement and steel sector.

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March TEC meeting on decarbonization standards

30 August 2022

Insights from the cement sector decarbonization roadmap workshop in India

Written by Arupendra Nath Mullick, Gökce Mete, Girish Sethi, Somya Joshi

This brief summarizes key takeaways and policy recommendations for cement decarbonization in India emerging from a LeadIT roadmap workshop.

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3 June 2022

Towards a sustainable global construction and buildings value chain

Written by Linus Linde, Astrid Nilsson Lewis, Felipe Sanchez

In this brief, we identify the challenges an opportunities for sustainability interventions in the construction sector value chains and present policy recommendations to address them.

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18 May 2022

Steel and cement can drive the decade of action on climate change. This is how

Written by Rana Ghoneim, Gökce Mete, Anthony Hobley

COP26 commitments must now be turned into concrete actions – a complex but urgent task.

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11 April 2022

LeadIT Dialogue: Preventing the Risks of Carbon Leakage

Written by Astrid Nilsson, Felipe Sanchez, Gökce Mete

This brief summarises LeadIT's cross-sectoral policy dialogue on carbon leakage prevention measures and their impact on industry transition globally.

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