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Facing Hard Truths – Mobilizing Finance to Build a Hydrogen Economy and Decarbonize EU Industry

This invite-only, two-part online roundtable series is a unique opportunity for EU policy makers, industry representatives and investors to discuss in an informal setting and under Chatham House rules how to jointly ensure that the hydrogen economy contributes to industrial transition towards carbon-neutrality and greater competitiveness in Europe.

Specifically, the series will facilitate an open and solution-orientated dialogue about the EU’s Hydrogen Strategy, the new Industrial Strategy, and the renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy. It will be led by an experienced team of academic experts from the LeadIT secretariat and Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre.

During the first session of the round table series on 19 November, an interactive exercise developed a joint list of challenges and hard truths which will be picked-up in the following session on 17 December.


Practical information


17 December 2020


3:00 PM

- 4:00 PM