Challenges and best practices in financing to accelerate industry decarbonisation

Challenges and best practices in financing to accelerate industry decarbonisation

OECD and LeadIT are co-organising a webinar on financing solutions needed to accelerate industry decarbonisation in emerging markets. The webinar is part of the OECD’s series on low-carbon hydrogen and industry decarbonisation. The outcomes of this webinar will help identify priority areas and can guide further dialogue with the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM) partner countries in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Industry decarbonisation projects face a series of risks that reduce their attractiveness to investors. As a result, key technologies for industry decarbonisation that are less mature such as low-carbon hydrogen, renewable heat and carbon capture use and storage remain financially underserved. The webinar will assess the different financing sources, products and instruments that can be used to accelerate Net-Zero transitions of industry sub-sectors in emerging economies. More specifically, it will address:

  • the challenges and barriers to financing industry decarbonisation from the perspective of policy makers, industry actors and finance institutions.
  • the emerging practices and instruments used to finance industry decarbonisation projects and how they can be implemented in emerging and developing countries.

The discussion will be informed by the LeadIT thought piece Navigating business and financial challenges for industry transition in the Global South.

The event will take place in a virtual format. To attend register here.


Welcome and opening remarks

Session 1: Challenges and barriers to financing industry decarbonisation

The session will cover the challenges and barriers that manufacturing sub-sectors face when attracting investments. It will also assess the role of public and private financial stakeholders and of other practices, such as ESG criteria and transition finance, in accelerating Net-Zero transitions.

Session 2: Current (and best) practices in financing industry decarbonisation

Identifying the right financing instruments and approaches is key to optimise their effectiveness in the decarbonisation of the industry. This session will explore which are the characteristics of these instruments and what other learnings can developed countries provide to the South.

Wrap up and concluding remarks

Practical information


14 June 2023


Virtual event,
13:00 - 15:30 (CEST)